Mobile Madness: Acquisition & Monetization Roundtables

PluggedIn Ventures is happy to bring you March Madness PluggedIn style. Bringing you back to back roundtables on Mobile, with Mobile Acquisition & Mobile Monetization.

The first roundtable will be discussing Mobile Acquisition, easily one of the biggest challenges everyone is facing. From startups, brands, established companies everyone is struggling with user acquisition. Amidst the explosion of mobile devices, content and services, what can companies do to compete for attention? How exactly are businesses acquiring mobile users, and how do they get people to download their apps, visit their mobile pages, and shop in their mobile stores? The strategies, tools, tactics, & measurements are plentiful.

This roundtable is taking place on March 27th from 8:30-10am at the offices of Frankfurt Kurnit, 488 Madison Ave.

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The second roundtable will be discussing Mobile Monetization. It seems that along with Acquisition mobile startup’s and companies are tackling Monetization. How can we make money via mobile? Advertisers, publishers, developers, and seemingly everyone else have followed consumers to mobile, but with smart phone penetration now crossing 50%, questions of ROI are still abound.

This roundtable will feature a discussion among industry CEO’s, founders and leaders on how they are figuring out answers and what will be the solutions that generate revenue.

This roundtable is taking place on March 28th from 8:30-10am at the offices of Loeb & Loeb, 345 Park Ave.

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