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How Video Will Win the War Against TV

Video is largely in demand with publishers and advertisers alike. In fact,eMarketer has predicted an 84% increase in programmatic video ad spend this year. But recent trends and persisting challenges are threatening the current ecosystem. During a recent roundtable hosted by PluggedIn BD, experts from the worlds of publishing, advertising, and technology gathered to discuss […]

The Power of the Inbox: 3 Tips for Driving Traffic with Email Marketing

Last year, the tech world took significant strides toward becoming more competitive with publishers. Apple launched Apple News and Facebook introduced Instant Pages, both in the name of a better user experience. While Instant Articles have proven to have higher engagement, they’re not great for monetization. But if you’re a publisher relying heavily on social […]

Loyalty & Rewards Roundtable

September’s roundtable will discuss how businesses and consumers alike are realizing the value of loyalty in the digital age. In mobile, web, and social loyalty platforms have been created to build the relationship between consumer and business.  As the power of the customer rises, businesses are increasingly focused on developing strategies with not only retail in […]

Video Consumption Roundtable: “Breaking down the video ecosystem”

The August roundtable will discuss Video Consumption and break down the mobile video ecosystem, analyzing the behavior, demographics, and devices behind the growth in video consumption. Hear from founders, CEO’s, and executives who will provide insights into why the tremendous surge in 2012, why mobile video monetization is booming, and look at the new video ecosystem that is taking shape, […]

Email “State & Effectiveness” Roundtable

July’s roundtable will discuss the state and effectiveness of email. We will bring together founders, CEO’s, and executives to provide insights into how companies measure the full value of email, how that understanding has driven their focus and development, and tactics they are using to stay relevant and keep users engaged. Learn analytical methods, personalization […]

Brands & Mobile Roundtable Recap

On Thursday, June 27th leaders in the mobile industry got together to discuss Brands & Mobile. Participants included;  Appssavvy: Peter Wang, SVP Product & Engineering / playAPI: Julie Fredrickson, CEO & Co-Founder / Exponential: Ken Nelson, VP Business Development / Splash: Benjamin Hindman, CEO / Fresh Digital Group: Doug Robinson, CEO / my6sense: Mark Coleman, SVP Sales / Joule: Mark Silber, Executive Creative Director / Funny Garbage: Kristin Ellington, COO / ResponsiveAds: […]

Brands & Mobile Roundtable

This month’s roundtable will be discussing “Brands & Mobile: How Brands are adapting to the mobile landscape”. As mobile continues to dominate our minds, we wonder what brands are doing to grow and manage their presence. How Face and my my. Never where to buy celexa use product predinsone no prescription for cats use get […]

Commerce & Conversion Roundtable

May’s roundtable will be discussing “Commerce and Conversion: Turning Customers into Cash”. Regardless of channel or platform, all businesses face the challenges of conversion. Online, desktop, social and mobile purchasing continue to innovate on ways to acquire, activate and excite customers before they abandon their shopping carts and incentivize customers to maximize their spendings. May’s roundtable […]

Social & Display Advertising Roundtable

April’s roundtable will be discussing “The convergence of social and display advertising”. Has social media monetization finally reached a tipping point? With Facebook opening its ad exchange to Twitter’s new ad program, we’ve seen what may be the beginning of a new age in “social vs. display” ad wars. Or will it be that the […]

Second Screens & SocialTV Roundtable: December 18th

PluggedIn’s December 18th roundtable will be focusing on Second Screens & Social TV. The oft overlooked secondary effect of mass smart phone and tablet adoption has been the presence and impact of additional screens upon media consumption. TV viewers are now more engaged, with studies showing upwards of 75% of TV viewers using other devices […]