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Loyalty & Rewards Roundtable

September’s roundtable will discuss how businesses and consumers alike are realizing the value of loyalty in the digital age. In mobile, web, and social loyalty platforms have been created to build the relationship between consumer and business. 

As the power of the customer rises, businesses are increasingly focused on developing strategies with not only retail in their customers, but keep them loyal to brands, services and companies.

Hear from founders, CEO’s, & executives on methods into creating loyalty, engagement, retention, and upselling customers to increase profit, customer base, & ROI.

Partcipants Include;

LoyalBlocks: Ido Gaver, CEO
CrowdTwist: Irving Fain, CEO & Co-Founder
AppCard: Eran Harel, VP BD
Tattle: Alex Beltrani, Founder & CEO
Contigua: Arash Houshmand, CEO
American Express: Christopher Mahdik, VP Customer Lifecycle Marketing
FreshDirect: Chris Woodard, Senior Director of Retention & Loyalty
JetBlue: Kelly Roe, Director Loyalty Marketing & Partnerships


Video Consumption Roundtable: “Breaking down the video ecosystem”

The August roundtable will discuss Video Consumption and break down the mobile video ecosystem, analyzing the behavior, demographics, and devices behind the growth in video consumption.

Hear from founders, CEO’s, and executives who will provide insights into why the tremendous surge in 2012, why mobile video monetization is booming, and look at the new video ecosystem that is taking shape, with mobile devices at the center as opposed to TV.

Participants Include:

TheStreet: Ruben Ramirez, Head of Video
AOL On: Tal Simantov, GM
Complex: Nathan Brown, Video and Complex TV
Viewbix: Hillel Scheinfeld, COO
Tremor Video: Anthony Riscato, VP Publisher Relations/GM VideoHub for Publishers
Taboola: Paul Jelinek, SVP BD
Genesis Media: Richard Smullen, CRO / Co-founder
EndlessTV: Michael Weiksner, CEO

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Brands & Mobile Roundtable Recap

On Thursday, June 27th leaders in the mobile industry got together to discuss Brands & Mobile.

Participants included;  Appssavvy: Peter Wang, SVP Product & Engineering / playAPI: Julie Fredrickson, CEO & Co-Founder / Exponential: Ken Nelson, VP Business Development / Splash: Benjamin Hindman, CEO / Fresh Digital Group: Doug Robinson, CEO / my6sense: Mark Coleman, SVP Sales / Joule: Mark Silber, Executive Creative Director / Funny Garbage: Kristin Ellington, COO / ResponsiveAds: Matt Snyder, CEO.

Here is a quick recap on the wild & woolly conversation:

  1. big disconnect between buyers and sellers in mobile
  2. mobile targeting is far more “targeted” than desktop
  3. hard to validate mobile as a separate channel from desktop
  4. mobile out performs desktop (with the same ads)
  5. where how and when shouldn’t be mobile first or desktop first (its demographic pendant)
  6. we don’t know what mobile is supposed to be or look like
  7. media buyers should know the mobile space
  8. kids respond to video clips and gaming (cartoon network) brand can create their own branded apps and games for kids
  9. we have to figure out how to do mobile ads (we figures out radio then tv then online…)
  10. Ideally, there should be 1 form of measurement across all platform and channels for ratings
  11. most media is accessed from multiple screens
  12. mobile opens up a whole new world feature wise (location, etc) vs tv and online
  13. no one has solved how to tell a story effectively on mobile
  14. mobile is become the device being used between context (must be used to continue engaging people)
  15. only micro transactions are happening on mobile…final conversion happens in store or on desktop
  16. mobile is the connection (or glue) between devices and more
  17. you should never say its just a mobile story
  18. mobile is a tool for utility, entertainment, social, etc… no other device in the past has been able to do that
  19. we will not change the users behavior…we can only figure out what it is

Click here to listen to the roundtable in its entirety.

Brands & Mobile Roundtable

This month’s roundtable will be discussing “Brands & Mobile: How Brands are adapting to the mobile landscape”. As mobile continues to dominate our minds, we wonder what brands are doing to grow and manage their presence. How

aggressive? Mobile first? Many still seem stumped when it comes to integrating mobile into their existing marketing mix. While it once seemed like it was all about apps, now many think mobile is all about responsive design. When it comes to brands and mobile, there’s more than meets the eye of a digital strategy.

Participants include: Appssavvy: Chris Cunningham, CEO playAPI: Julie Fredrickson, CEO & Co-Founder MediaBrix:Todd Bowman, CRO Exponential: Ken Nelson, VP Business Development Splash: Benjamin Hindman, CEO Fresh Digital Group: Doug Robinson, CEO Mastercard: Adam Broitman, VP & Senior Business Leader-Global Digital Marketing my6sense: Mark Coleman, SVP Sales Verve: James Smith, Chief Revenue Officer Joule: Mark Silber, Executive Creative Director Funny Garbage: Kristin Ellington, COO ResponsiveAds: Matt Snyder, CEO  

Social & Display Advertising Roundtable

April’s roundtable will be discussing “The convergence of social and display advertising”.

Has social media monetization finally reached a tipping point? With Facebook opening its ad exchange to Twitter’s new ad program, we’ve seen what may be the beginning of a new age in “social vs. display” ad wars. Or will it be that the new media mix is an amalgam of superior retargeting, big budgets, third party cookies, brand lift and ROI? This round table will bring together founders, strategists and media buyers to explore what social has become, where display ads are going and how the two will live together — or not.

Current participants include:
ShareThis: Paul Lentz, SVP Publisher Platform
Contextin: Yarden Tadmor, CRO
SocialVibe: Brett Lofgren, CRO
Cognitive Match: Alex Kelleher, Founder & CEO
Vector Media Group: Matthew Weinberg
e-Dealya: Chaim Zucker, Founder & CEO
CPX Interactive: Jon Slavin, CRO