Email “State & Effectiveness” Roundtable

July’s roundtable will discuss the state and effectiveness of email. We will bring together founders, CEO’s, and executives to provide insights into how companies measure the full value of email, how that understanding has driven their focus and development, and tactics they are using to stay relevant and keep users engaged. Learn analytical methods, personalization strategies, and cross channel communication tactics that can help drive increased engagement from your audience. This is a roundtable you will not want to miss as we dig deep into the depths of email. Participants so

far include: 410Labs: David Troy, CEO LiveIntent: Dave Hendricks, COO & CFO Colin Nederkoorn, CEO & Founder TriggerMedia: Vanessa Liu, COO Yesware: Matthew Bellows,Founder and CEO PowerInbox: Dileep Thazhmon,co-founder Movable Ink: Vivek Sharma, CEO Swizzle: MaryAnn Bekkedahl,Co-founder & President IvyExec: Sandia Lau Trent,Marketing Director Vente-Privee USA: Chris Mahdik, Director, Marketing If you would like to listen to the roundtable you can download the recording.

Commerce & Conversion Roundtable

May’s roundtable will be discussing “Commerce and Conversion: Turning Customers into Cash”.

Regardless of channel or platform, all businesses face the challenges of conversion. Online, desktop, social and mobile purchasing continue to innovate on ways to acquire, activate and excite customers before they abandon their shopping carts and incentivize customers to maximize their spendings.

May’s roundtable will focus on how they do it. What solutions are companies using. Are companies seeing a significant uptake in mobile commerce? Is online retail being affected? These are just some of the questions to be answered by founders and leaders in today’s most innovative commerce companies.


Social & Display Advertising Roundtable

April’s roundtable will be discussing “The convergence of social and display advertising”.

Has social media monetization finally reached a tipping point? With Facebook opening its ad exchange to Twitter’s new ad program, we’ve seen what may be the beginning of a new age in “social vs. display” ad wars. Or will it be that the new media mix is an amalgam of superior retargeting, big budgets, third party cookies, brand lift and ROI? This round table will bring together founders, strategists and media buyers to explore what social has become, where display ads are going and how the two will live together — or not.

Current participants include:
ShareThis: Paul Lentz, SVP Publisher Platform
Contextin: Yarden Tadmor, CRO
SocialVibe: Brett Lofgren, CRO
Cognitive Match: Alex Kelleher, Founder & CEO
Vector Media Group: Matthew Weinberg
e-Dealya: Chaim Zucker, Founder & CEO
CPX Interactive: Jon Slavin, CRO

Second Screens & SocialTV Roundtable: December 18th

PluggedIn’s December 18th roundtable will be focusing on Second Screens & Social TV.

The oft overlooked secondary effect of mass smart phone and tablet adoption has been the presence and impact of additional screens upon media consumption. TV viewers are now more engaged, with studies showing upwards of 75% of TV viewers using other devices while watching.  What are they doing? What is the norm? And what can marketers now do to create greater engagement with and among the new age viewership? This month’s roundtable will bring together founders, CEO’s and other digital executives to determine just a few of the answers.

Participants Include:

Trendrr: Mark Ghuneim, CEO
TwoScreen: Bruce Winterton, CEO & Partner
SecondScreen Networks: David Markowitz, VP Marketing & Business Development
Nielsen IAG: Jim Berridge, VP Account Management
Bluefin Labs: Oliver Young, Head of Product
Tivo:Mark Risis,Director Interactive Ad Sales & Strategy
Ogilvy & Mather: Tom Boland, SVP Social@Ogilvy

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Social Loyalty & Rewards Roundtable

PluggedIn July’s roundtable will be discussing Social Rewards and Loyalty:  Is this really CRM?

A lot has been asked lately about the ROI of social media.  More specifically, “What’s the reward for being a loyal customer?”  Or perhaps “What’s the reward for great customer service?”  Today, many companies simply didn’t know what to do with the customer information they collect through social media, nor do they succeed at maximizing the value they can deliver to their best customers.  This month’s CEO roundtable will focus on the how organizations can intertwine social data, discussions, incentives, rewards and more to improve the returns for their business.

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May 31st Roundtable: “Beyond the CPM”

PluggedIn May’s roundtable will be discussing “Beyond the CPM”. This topic is one that is more relevant today with mobile ad CPM’s are low, clearly demonstrating that these ads aren’t working- neither for publishers seeking to monetize their apps nor for advertisers wishing to promote their messages and brands.

This reality forces the question: what alternative options do mobile developers and advertisers have that might be more effective?

For this roundtable we will hear from a group of leaders in existing and new monetization mechanisms to discuss what lies “Beyond the CPM”.

Participants Include:

Pubmatic: Larry Harris, CMO
Jumptap: Todd Anderman, CRO
Todacell: Mark Lehman, CEO
TapJoy: Tom Sipple, VP Sales
Mobli: Dino Decespedes, VP Marketing
Xtify: Josh Schiffman, SVP Strategy & Operations
xAd: Monica Ho, VP Marketing
Sqoot: Mo Yehia, CEO
Carat: Jason Newport,SVP Head of Mobile Practice
Hearst: Avi Zimak, Director Advertising Tablet Media
SAY Media: Douglas Grinspan, Global Mobile Sales Director

The roundtable is taking place on 5/31 from 8:30-10am at the offices of Loeb&Loeb, 345 Park Ave.

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Mobile Madness: Acquisition & Monetization Roundtables

PluggedIn Ventures is happy to bring you March Madness PluggedIn style. Bringing you back to back roundtables on Mobile, with Mobile Acquisition & Mobile Monetization.

The first roundtable will be discussing Mobile Acquisition, easily one of the biggest challenges everyone is facing. From startups, brands, established companies everyone is struggling with user acquisition. Amidst the explosion of mobile devices, content and services, what can companies do to compete for attention? How exactly are businesses acquiring mobile users, and how do they get people to download their apps, visit their mobile pages, and shop in their mobile stores? The strategies, tools, tactics, & measurements are plentiful.

This roundtable is taking place on March 27th from 8:30-10am at the offices of Frankfurt Kurnit, 488 Madison Ave.

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The second roundtable will be discussing Mobile Monetization. It seems that along with Acquisition mobile startup’s and companies are tackling Monetization. How can we make money via mobile? Advertisers, publishers, developers, and seemingly everyone else have followed consumers to mobile, but with smart phone penetration now crossing 50%, questions of ROI are still abound.

This roundtable will feature a discussion among industry CEO’s, founders and leaders on how they are figuring out answers and what will be the solutions that generate revenue.

This roundtable is taking place on March 28th from 8:30-10am at the offices of Loeb & Loeb, 345 Park Ave.

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August 3rd: Real Time Content, Data, & Syndication Roundtable

PluggedIn’s August Roundtable will be focusing on “How companies are leveraging real time data, content, and analytics in the here and now”.

Social Technologies and mobile devices mean that words, images, and video now travel fater than the speed of sound, across the street and around the world. And everything from meaningless to the momentus can be captured and documented. This roundtable discussed  how new businesses are building the means to measure, filter, curate, and monetize the social and contextual streams of information that are blasting us from every direction.

CrowdTwist: Irving Fain, CEO & Co-Founder

Irving is the CEO & Co-founder of CrowdTwist, a NYC-based social loyalty and rewards platform which helps brands increase sales and engagement in an increasingly cross-platform world. Prior to founding CrowdTwist, Irving ran Digital Marketing & Social Platforms for Clear Channel Radio Digital, developing and implementing an online marketing and social strategy for 1,000+ radio stations.  Prior to that role he led the Content Team, creating fresh content and experiences for artists and advertisers to get noticed amongst the myriad of programming online.

Irving knows first-hand the challenges of developing programs which create lasting engagement and is excited to lead a company which can drive change quickly in the rapidly developing social loyalty space. Prior to his life as a media entrepreneur, Irving wore a suit every day in the world of finance. He spent time both as a venture investor here in New York as well as an investment banker, specializing in raising capital for early stage companies.

Twitter: @ifain

Chartbeat: Tony Haile, CEO

Tony Haile is the General Manager of Chartbeat, the real-time analytics service used by everyone from the New York Times to Groupon. Tony was an early employee at, and now acts as an advisor to, Betaworks, the company behind Summize (now Twitter Search), and Tweetdeck, where he led Twitterfeed, the largest publisher to Twitter. Prior to moving headlong into the world of digital startups, Tony spent time leading and managing polar expeditions and acting as bowman for Team Logica on a Round-the-world yacht race. Startups are apparently similarly exciting with less risk of losing a limb.

Twitter: @arctictony

Sociocast: Albert Azout, CEO

Albert is a technology and machine-learning pioneer with extensive experience in social and complex networks. He started his career at as an engineer on Wallstreet with a focus on transparency and quant trading.

He is currently a partner at Sub Rosa a fast-growing digital agency in NYC, recently voted top Small Agency by AdAge in 2010. In 2008, he co-founded StyleCaster, currently the fastest growing digital platform in the women’s lifestyle space. StyleCaster has grown from a fashion-focused social network to one of the most important content and media portals and distribution channels in the market.

He is currently the CEO of Sociocast, a company focused on allowing applications and advertisers to unleash the power of real-time audience data. The Sociocast technology is pioneered by a top team and advisory board with expertise in behavioral economics, physics, complex networks, business, and online advertising.

Albert serves on the advisory board of several new and growing ventures, including Qwiki, SaveFans, and Last Pictures.

Twitter: @aazout

Samepoint: Richard Krueger, CEO

Mr. Krueger co-founded Samepoint LLC in 2008 and has held the position of Chief Marketing Officer since that time. Richard brings to Samepoint years of experience in search engine marketing and is responsible for defining the product strategy and marketing vision on behalf of the company.

Richard is also a prolific writer on topics relating to social media and has co-written two best-selling books: Facebook Marketing for Dummies (I & II Editions) and Facebook Advertising for Dummies, both published by Wiley.

Prior to co-founding Samepoint, Richard served as part of the original marketing teams at several successful online start-ups, including LocalEyes, Inc. (acquired by AOL) and Icon CMT (acquired by Qwest). Prior to his entrepreneurial career, he held senior-level positions at top-ten public relations agencies, where he was awarded the Silver Anvil, the highest award for PR excellence.

Twitter: @rkrueger

Socialflow: Mike Perrone, COO & Co-founder

Mike Perrone is co-founder and COO of SocialFlow, a New York City based startup that applies language analysis and data science to enable publishers, brands and retailers to earn greater engagement with customers and audiences on Twitter and Facebook by publishing content when followers and fans are most receptive topically.

Mike has extensive experience in building businesses and implementing technology in enterprises. Prior to SocialFlow he was VP, Integration for Bertelsmann’s US Direct Marketing businesses and was tasked with leading the integrations of several high profile acquisitions. He has also worked in advertising, management consulting, entertainment technology and direct marketing, industries.

Twitter: @mpwn

Buzzfeed: Jon Steinberg, President

Jon Steinberg is the President of BuzzFeed in NYC. He was previously Strategic Partner Development Manager on Google’s SMB (Small Medium Business) Partnerships team. Prior to Google, Jon was the Director of Business Development at Majestic Research and the founder of iBuilding, a commercial real estate software company backed by Tishman Speyer Properties, Benchmark Capital, and 12 Entrepreneuring. He is a graduate of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and holds an MBA from Columbia University. He lives with his wife and two little kids on the Upper East Side.

Twitter: @jonsteinberg

EyeView: Oren Harnevo, CEO

Oren Harnevo is the co-founder and CEO of EyeView, a personalized video technology provider. Oren’s vision for Eyeview began while simultaneously working on a Bachelor’s in Film and Television and a BS.C in Computer Science at Tel-Aviv University. Oren has always been fascinated with measuring the quality of creative video and its effect on viewers using optimization and analytics metrics. Eyeview’s technology enables both the creation and optimization of personalized video campaigns.

Before Eyeview, Oren’s online experience was shaped by his role in leading the product at, an online gaming and entertainment solutions provider that IPO’d for $1B in the London stock exchange in 2006.’s CEO, Gigi Levy, became a principal investor in 2008 and is still an active board member.

Since founding Eyeview in 2007, Oren has led the company in launches of hundreds of online campaigns for leading brands such as eBay, Verizon, LendingTree, Johnson & Johnson, and more. Oren has recruited world-renowned investors such as LightSpeed, Eric Schmidt and Gemini.

Twitter: @ohnevo

The Flow: Tom Luczak, CTO & Co-founder

Tom’s expertise in highly scalable computer systems began with his role in evaluating national-level developmental collection and processing systems for the United States Army.  His specific areas of technical expertise include horizontally scalable systems, system architecture, information retrieval, network operations and multimedia over IP systems.  Recognized by his military and Department of Defense peers for his special talents, Tom evolved his expertise with the hands-on development of a range of large-scale information processing systems.


Following his military service, Tom entered the technology start-up scene in New York, co-founding and serving as Director of Technology at Saber Seven Inc., where he built out and managed a 15 person technology team responsible for developing a web property and next generation natural language search engine.  Tom joined Eric at Flow Search Corporation in early 2010 as the founding CTO and continues to innovate systems that will power the next generation of intelligent, real-time applications.

Twitter: @tomsta Andrew Montalenti, CTO & Co-founder

Andrew is a technologist with nearly a decade of experience in software engineering. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (with honors and departmental distinction) from NYU. After graduating, he acted as a technical lead on a small software team within Morgan Stanley. Prior to founding, he built large-scale web applications and systems through Aleph Point, Inc., the software engineering consultancy he owned and operated. His team served large clients like ThomasNet, NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, Publishers Clearing House, as well as other small and mid-size technology companies such as HiiDef, Inc., IRAmarket, and A dedicated Pythonista, JavaScript hacker, and open source advocate, Andrew is also a published technical author and editor.

Twitter: @amontalenti

BitHunter: Gil Harel, CEO & Co-founder                                                  

Gil is the CEO & Co-founder of, the world’s 1st real time search engine for dining, it provides consumers with the ability to easily find and learn about all published live dining information and user social dining behavior through its website, mobile and partners. Prior to BiteHunter, Gil co-founded DiningFever in 2005 which was the leading distribution network for restaurant discounts in New York City.

Twitter: @harelgili

Yieldbot: Jonathan Mendez, CEO

Jonathan is Founder & CEO of realtime intent technology Yieldbot. He is a recognized pioneer in digital media optimization having spearheaded the rise of realtime content matching technology with online advertising and web pages. Prior to Yieldbot Jonathan was Chief
Strategy Officer of Offermatica through its acquisition by Omniture and founded its agency business that is now Adobe Digital.  Jonathan has worked on optimizing over 75 digital media businesses including, AutoNation, Disney, Citibank, H&R Block, IBM, Intuit,
Microsoft, Salesforce, Sears, Skype and T-Mobile.

Twitter: @jonathanmendez

TheDaily: David Brinker,  SVP Business Development

David joined The Daily after four years as President and Chief Operating Officer of, the first website dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s new generation of grandparents. Prior to, David was a strategic consultant to a number of digital-media companies, including MTV, the Orchard and Amp’d Mobile and was Vice President of Corporate Development and Business Affairs for the Musicland Group.

David is a cum laude graduate of Tufts University and a magna cum laude graduate of Fordham University School of Law. He is an experienced endurance athlete, having run 7 marathons, more than 25 half-marathons and 15 triathlons. He lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

Twitter: @dbrinker

ABCNews: Dan Patterson, Digital Platform Manager & Journalist

Dan is a broadcast journalist and web geek. By day he develops and executes digital policy for ABC News Radio. Dan’s professional experience hovers around the convergence of analogue and digital technology. Occasionally he interview’s politicians, policy makers, technologists and other interesting characters. Dan has covered events including the 2008 presidential campaign, SXSW Interactive conference, the United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Foundation radio rows, and the Darfur/South Sudan humanitarian crisis.

Twitter: @danpatterson

ff Venture capital: David Teten, Partner

David is Chairman of Harvard Business School Angels New York and Founder and Chairman of Navon Partners, a data and analytics company focused on analyzing private companies.  He was formerly Acting CEO of Vertical Key, a web-based software service for managing large-scale events. Previously he was a Managing Director with Evalueserve, a 2,500-person global research and analytics company, and Founder and CEO of Circle of Experts, an investment research firm acquired by Evalueserve.

David was formerly Founder and CEO of GoldNames, an Israel-based investment bank focusing on the internet domain name asset class.  He worked with Bear Stearns’ Investment Banking division in their technology/defense mergers and acquisitions team, and was a strategy consultant with Mars & Co. David holds a Harvard MBA and a Yale BA, both with honors. While still in college, he built a technology consulting firm with 35 clients.

David is a Mentor with Founder Institute in New York and Singapore, Dreamit Ventures, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, and NYCSeed.   David is the lead author of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online, with Scott Allen.

Twitter: @teten

March 23rd: Monetizing Social & Mobile Rountable Participants

The March 23rd roundtable focused on Monetizing Social & Mobile Media. The roundtable explored various ways companies utilize online communities to generate sales. Industry leaders discussed their best practices and strategies on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, blogger outreach, localization, and creating viral campaigns. Razorfish: Paul Gelb, Vice President, Mobile Practice Lead Paul helps clients on the road to innovation by pioneering media and development executions in mobile and integrated campaigns across digital out of home, broadband video, interactive television, social networks, and gaming. In an ever changing media landscape, Paul is also a trusted consultant to Razorfish’s largest clients as they evolve their media and business strategies to include breakthrough technology and advanced platforms. Paul’s mobile clients include Unilever, Citibank, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Kraft, JCPenney, Staples, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Gilt Groupe, Tory Burch, Amway, Starwood, Intel, Dell, AT&T, QVC, The Hollywood Reporter, Terra, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and T Rowe Price. Paul was awarded the 2010 Media All Star Award by Mediaweek. He was recognized for his Ralph Lauren work with a mobile marketer of the year award and for his Mercedes work with Mobi and MIN awards. He has created concepts for five applications featured in the iTunes app store, one application featured on CNBC, the top branded iPhone application of 2008 and a top free iPad application. Twitter: @paulgelb Read more

March 25th Roundtable: Social Media & Monetization

March’s Roundtable focuses on the $64,000 question:

How are companies making money via social media?

The conversation will revolve around topics such as social media campaigns, social media marketing, revenue models, ROI, partnerships, etc., and will include opinions from startups, founders, investors and industry executives.

Postling: Postling helps businesses get the most out of social media with the least amount of effort by enabling them to manage all of their social media accounts in one place.

Attending: David Lifson, CEO


rmbrME: rmbrME lets you send your rmbrME vCard–a one-stop electronic business card that has your photo and contact information, plus links to your company website, social networks and blogs. Your contacts can view your rmbrME vCard on their smartphone and save your contact information directly to their address book.

Attending: Gabe Zichermann, CEO


Ripple6: Ripple6™ helps marketers and publishers implement their business strategy through social media. The company provides an enterprise white label social media platform to create consumer engagements and relationships, enable social marketing, generate consumer insights, and facilitate commerce and collaboration. It is easily customized to incorporate a brand’s look and feel for integration into an existing web site or to create an entirely new site.

Attending: Rich Ullman, SVP Marketing


Amplify: Amplify is a free service that makes it easy to spark conversation about any web page, paragraph, sentence, image or video you find on the web. Instead of just creating a short URL, Amplify lets you engage in conversation with people you share your online findings with.

Attending: Eric Goldstein, CEO & Founder

Six Apart: Six Apart connects marketers and bloggers to a massive audience through its powerful social media platform that builds communities and activates brand advocates across the web.

Attending: Andrew  Boer, VP Revenue Managment